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We sell good beer

We Sell The Best Local Beer

We Sell The Best Scottish Beer

We sell Poncy Beer

We Sell Great Wine

We Sell Really great wine


Cornelius Beer & Wine

18-20 Easter Road




If You Are Just Around The Corner

We are more than happy to run around with a case or two.

Phone us on 0131 6522405 between 10-4pm, or email us at corneliusbeerandwine@hotmail.co.uk


If You Are In Edinburgh

We will do our darnedest to get booze to you.

None of us drive- be we all know folk who can help.

Phone us on 0131 6522405 between 10-4pm, or email us at corneliusbeerandwine@hotmail.co.uk

If You Are Further Afield

We are in the early stages of sorting out some (very limited) ecommerce on this site.

I very much doubt we will ever make more than a tiny percentage of our stock available through here though, so you should always phone us to chat through our range.