What's Going On..?

What's Going On..?



Good afternoon.

Now that 2021 is all behind us and the festive crap all shoved in  the cellar for the next eleven months, it seems like a good time to give you a quick update about what we've been up to since Hogmanay.

The start of January is always (understandably) slow - many of you are trying to get into good habits and drink less. (the rest of us simply have less cash to throw around) Despite this, Mark and myself have been very busy - trying to get our stock up to sensible levels and refresh some parts of the range. We are very nearly back to full strength - there are some gaps in our Bordeaux and Malt shelves, but they will be filled in the next week.

On the counter you will find a few old odds and ends that have been reduced to cost price - just a handful of whites that are a bit long in their tooth and we can’t quite justify charging full price for. Please take them off our hands so we don’t have to count them in the next stocktake.

We also still have this ridiculous item. For some reason, none of you were partying in your back garden with 30-40 of your closest special advisors over the festive period and it remains unclaimed. If it’s still here when my birthday comes around , I might just have to sell it to my self and take the weekend off work.

The biggest development is the return of 2021's biggest selling wine The idea that one of our most popular products is an organic, Romanian, orange wine, still seems a bit odd to me - but you all seem nuts about it.



We have also got a few new Argentinian reds and have expanded our range of Greek Wines . Also, very happy to have a few cases of emiggened doppelbock. In the next week or so expect exciting new releases from Vault City and Moonwake

If you are cutting down on the booze, we have upped our stocks of abv free beers, radlers and sodas. You can always expect to find good amounts of Schoff, Brulo, Rothaus, Tempest and Roots Sodas in the fridge.

That's it for now,

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon,




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