Well, this kind of sucks..,

Going to try to keep this reasonably concise and informative. The long and the short of it is that I've just been placed in self isolation at the busiest, most stressful, most crucial trading week of the year. (sods law, I know)
My son had a bit of a temperature on Saturday night, so we got him tested just in case and we were all frankly shocked when it came back positive. (Importantly, he has made what looks like a full recovery and none of the rest of us have shown any symptoms)
So we are cooped up together off school and work until the 23rd.
What this means for the shop, is that Mark is basically running the show from now until Christmas Eve. To cover for my absence, we have drafted in a pair of stars from the Edinburgh booze scene who will be more than capable of filling my shoes.
The shop will remain closed today (too short notice to get anyone in and Mark really could do with a breather before things get really busy)
I'll post the slightly tweaked Christmas opening hours later.
If you are needing a local delivery, the only slot available is Saturday 19th. Please get your orders in sooner, rather than later, so the guys can plan thoroughly.
Please be patient with us. The staff are all seasoned professionals, so expect service to be friendlier and slicker than if I was there - but we are a man down, which will inevitably lead to hiccups and a bit of queueing at times.
I will do what I can from home (very little) and will hopefully see a bunch of you on Christmas Eve.