(Actually we have been for a week)
Don’t have a lot more to add, except to say I am profoundly grateful for all the people who have helped us get this far.
It is very easy to slip into cliche here, but it really wouldn’t have been possible without the logistics support from Pilot, Campervan,  Newbarns and Donzoko, Mark’s stewardship of Easter Road, the sweat of all our staff and the willingness of my wife to allow me to burn through our savings during a time of economic turmoil.
The shop is looking great thanks to the work of the guys at Splintr (design by Jack/project managed by Francis) - The shelves aren’t quite stuffed, but I think by the end of October we will be fully stocked with goodies. Really enjoying being neighbours to Donzoko and the new, Newbarns taproom, also Hobz bakery and soon, The Chorrito Sauce Co. 
There is still a fair bit of work to do - but it’s all behind the scenes ( I’m getting desperate for a proper sized sink ) The range will initially be very similar to what you can find at our Easter Road store, but will gradually evolve to meet the demands of folk at the Foot of The Walk.
You can catch me any afternoon through the week - our opening hours are:
Monday - Thursday 12-9pm
Friday - Saturday 11-9pm
Sunday 1-7pm
128 Leith Walk EH65DT (0131 5638169)
Most of all, I would like to thank those of you who have shopped with us over the past few days. Your custom has been very welcome and helped us get off to a great start. 
See you soon,