Been a while since I’ve written anything on here, but it’s been a while since there has been anything worth mentioning. Life in the shop continues apace in much the same way as it has for the last sixteen years. But the devil makes work for idle hands and Mark has kept himself busy by re-jigging this website: Making it easier to navigate for folk browsing and easier for us to maintain from this side of the screen.

There are a bunch of minor tweaks that you probably won’t notice and two big changes that are worth shouting (quietly) about.

1. Mark has put in place an improved system for us to keep track of stock levels. Crucially, this gives us the freedom to put far more stuff for sale through the website without worrying about disappointing customers with substitute products.

Over the last fortnight we have quadrupled the listings on here and I think it is now a webshop worthy of the name, rather than the bare bones lockdown service we have been operating until now. You can now choose from CIDER and SPIRITS as well as the ridiculous amounts of Vinho Verde and occasional tin of Kolsch.

This is still just a fraction of the booze available in store and we have no intention of putting all our stock online: If you are after any of the more hyped, limited release beers, you are far better off coming in to pick them up in person - keep an eye on the Twitter feed (@corneliusbeers) for updates. Also, we’ll remove any wine from here once we’re down to less than a case: - We will always give priority to flesh and blood customers.

2. Delivery will still mostly be handled by us and limited to the Edinburgh area, but now the checkout only works with an EH code. Which means I won’t have to write any more polite emails to drunken shoppers in Portsmouth attempting to purchase a single bottle of Chimay (twice)

That’s all the news for now, I expect I’ll be back on here soon enough with the Christmas updates.

Until then, I hope you all stay safe,



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