Virus Update 24.03.2020

Virus Update 24.03.2020

Okay, first up a quick apology: I'm very sorry, but if this site looks all weird and empty, it's because I am an idiot who thought it would be fine to add a load of new stuff to it and update, without backing up first. Which is why I've had to start from scratch.

I don't know if this will be our permanent website or not yet, but I thought it best to have something in place whilst the current crisis is going on.

So think of it very much as a placeholder for now- just an online presence directing people to our email ( and phone (0131-6522405- I think I've written it out a dozen times here)

Secondly a big hearty thank you to all our customers, but especially those who have visited us over the last couple of weeks. It had become increasingly apparent that our distancing measures wouldn't be enough to ensure everyone's safety and the stress of running the shop was getting to us all. So actually closing the doors came as a bit of a relief. The upside was just how patient and understanding you all were about it.

So for the rest of this week Mark will be in the office 10-4pm co-coordinating deliveries and I will be doing the donkey work. We will review at the weekend if it's worthwhile (and safe!) continuing to offer this service, but it's been pretty popular so far.

I'll update you here as and when.

Until then stay at home, stay healthy.





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