Shiny New Look

Shiny New Look

And hopefully, more accessible, easier to navigate contents.


Mark has been working hard behind the scenes for the last couple of months, sprucing up this creaky old site and making it better to look at and easier to use. We’ve also been adding lots of exciting new goodies to tempt you with. ( I suggest you take a look at our wines and browse them “newest first” )

We have also trimmed our beer selection radically - the listings in the physical shops have ballooned and there is no way we could keep the same selection online. You will still be able to order the essentials here - but for the “special stuff” you are best off phoning us or dropping us an email. 

You can also now arrange an uplift at either shop. Delivery will remain strictly Edinburgh only though.

So welcome to our refurbished webshop, feel free to have a bit of a browse and see if there is something that catches your eye.

Also - (and this is important) we are both getting on a bit and webdesign isn’t intuitive to us, so if you spot anything broken on here, please let us know and we will attempt to fix it.






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