On Social Media

As a bunch of you are probably aware, shop number two is still very much on the horizon - It's about three months late but we are getting there. Still yet to get keys, but I'm busy doing as much prep as possible in the interim.
I formally handed over the running of Easter Road to Mark at the start of this month and you can expect to see a few changes there as he adjusts the stock and operations to fit his management style (good news for fans of boutique cider and riesling)
The two shops will be closely linked and there will be some sharing of products and logistics, but as the new business develops we are bound to diverge in some ways. To avoid confusion we will now have two separate Twitter accounts.
Most of you will be reading this via @corneliusbeers - Which will become the account for the new shop. I will post there less frequently and try to limit myself to replies and important shopfitting news.
More importantly, you can continue to follow Easter Road news at @corneliuswine where Mark will keep you updated on all the new beer, etc. Please do add that to your follows if you're yet to do so.
(To make matters slightly more confusing, I long ago installed a auto RT function between the two accounts, which I'm going to see if I can disable)
In addition, we also have an Instagram account @corneliusbeers But it's early days there and I clearly have no clue how to use the format, so follow us if you want out of focus snaps of drinks interspersed with the occasional sponge cake.
I think that's it for now. As I said, I will try to keep off Twitter for a while and pass the mic to Mark to keep you in the loop about the latest haze bombs and pastry sours.
Fingers crossed, next time I post on here will be to announce some exciting Leith Walk news.