Natural Wine Tasting 20/06/2024

Natural Wine Tasting 20/06/2024

We’re very much a wine shop, not a natural wine shop. Our main factor in choosing whether or not to stock something is whether or not it’s delicious with any philosophical aspects of the production somewhere significantly further down the list. Having said this a decent number of the things we’ve found the most delicious over the years have been some combination of organic, biodynamic, sustainably farmed, unfiltered, low sulphites, skin contact, fermented with native yeasts, farmed organically without certification and any of the other things which make up the broader universe that makes up Natural Wine. Some of these wineries will use the Natural word, some won’t and it’s honestly a bit confusing.

At 7pm on Thursday the 20th of June we’re looking for a small group of customers to get together and decide once and for all an objective and indisputable criteria to determine exactly what natural wine is and precisely how we should all feel about it. The global wine industry will be required to accept these decisions in perpetuity.

Failing that we’re planning on tasting through 7 wines on the lower intervention scale of what we stock and having a nice informal chat about sustainability in farming, winemaking decisions and whatever else comes up along the way. One of the great things about these slightly smaller tastings has been how conversations develop organically and I’m looking forward to hearing what you all have to say.

Formal details:

Thursday 20th June, starting at 7pm sharp
Little Sitzroy (the sit down bit by Little Fitzroy)
7 glasses of wine, some nibbles and chat
Tickets £20, available here
The second paragraph was a joke.

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