Lockdown Services

Lockdown Services



So that's me all on my ownsome.

The shop remains closed, Mark and Miles are both off on furlough and I have the place to myself: Which means that until life returns to some sense of normality I have sole responsibility for getting you all slightly pished and rendering your solitude somewhat tolerable.

The good news is that you all seem keen to make use of our free local delivery service: The bad news I'm having some trouble keeping up with demand.

There are two basic issues- firstly the physical limitations of a middle aged bloke charging around Leith delivering cases of wine from the back of his bike. But far more importantly, there is the issue of supply.
Just as lockdown makes it that much harder for us to get booze to you, it also makes it much harder for importers, breweries and wholesalers to get their products to us. So we are running critically low on certain lines (seriously, German helles, tonic water and Puglian reds should have been included in those hysterical news reports about bog roll)

So, to make things easier, can I suggest that you take a gander at this link HERE ?

if you order any of these mixed cases, they will come to you by courier direct from the importers bonded warehouse and bypass the shop entirely. The wine is all very good to brilliant (I'm very keen on some of those lighter French reds) and gets to you within a week or so. (bank holidays permitting) and because the middleman (me!) has been cut out, it should be safer.
I will update the selection every fortnight or so and we have other importers/wholesalers keen to get in on the action. So before long there should be a fair bit of variety available

By ordering from the website, you are still supporting the shop (I do get a cut!) and more importantly it frees me up to spend more time home-schooling the children (yay!-I think)


********** UPDATE **********

We can now offer cases of some of our favourite organic wines direct from the source. Click HERE to take a look.

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