Just a quick heads up....

Just a quick heads up....

We are going to be CLOSED next week.


For our physical and mental well-being we will be taking a break and catching up on some telly. Mark and myself will be stockcounting on Tuesday and Wednesday, but if you knock on the door we will ignore you.

Normal opening will recommence on Friday 7th January (I also won't be doing any deliveries until after then) So the next few days look a bit like this...


Thursday 30th            -                11-9pm
Hogmanay           -                      10-7pm
New Years Day to Jan 6th -      CLOSED
Friday 7th                                     11-9pm

(all times on the assumption we are not called on to isolate)

Until then, we hope you all have a safe, relaxing and mildly drunken Hogmanay.

James, Mark, Miles & Robbie



Although I am unwilling to head off on deliveries over the next week or so, Jani has stepped up to the plate and is happy to get your booze to you on the 4th and 5th January - so feel free to keep ordering.


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