Guess Who Just Got Back Today..?


Today's big news is we're back to full hours.

We are now open:

Monday - Thursday: 12-9 pm

Friday & Saturday: 11-9 pm 

Sunday: 1-7 pm

Edinburgh web orders will be dispatched Thursday afternoons in the car.

Local web orders (Easter Road, Hillside, Abbeyhill) will be dispatched as soon as we can manage - usually next day.

We can go back to something like normal trade because everybody has been dragged kicking & screaming off furlough and we now have a full compliment of staff.

The team currently consists of

James: Tall and hairy. Surly in the shop, impeccably polite when doing deliveries. Does most of the donkey work. Sits in the office playing chess when he can get away with it.

Mark: Tall and smartly dressed. Very polite, knows his shit. Does the vast majority of customer service because he's best at it.

Miles: Silver fox teacher. Looked a bit like a smaller George Clooney going into lockdown- now looks like a smaller Captain Birdseye. Does his best to make sure that every customer leaves with a Barbera or Nebbiolo.

We will try our damnedest to deliver the same high quality of service you have come to expect through July. - God only knows whats going to happen in August (but let's hope and pray that we are all spared the worst)

Expect a further blog in the next few days when the guidance on face masks is issued.

Until then, please stay safe and keep drinking (sensibly)