Cornelius Beer & WIne (Leith)

Yesterday afternoon I advertised that we were on the hunt for a new Assistant Manager. As most of you know by now, this isn’t because I’m getting shot of Mark (who at time of writing is swanning around Austria with a glass of Riesling in his hand). Instead, in July he is going to be running the show here and I will be off to pastures new.
Yes, I’m finally taking the plunge and opening a new shop.
The new gaff is in Leith proper (128 Leith Walk to be precise) and will be a leaner, shinier, swankier operation than the mothership. It’s about half the size of the Easter Road shop, so it will have to be a more focussed operation with a tighter range (but I am looking at every possible way to maximise shelf space) The other, slight issue with the space is that it’s still being built.
If you know Leith, you have probably already discerned that the shop is going to be part of the redevelopment of the old Steads Redbrick between The Mousetrap And Rikki’s Music Store (the bit of Leith Walk that was "saved" a couple of years ago)
I started negotiating over the lease at the beginning of the year and although that is all settled, the site is still swarming with hardhats and I’ve yet to receive the keys.
Fingers crossed, once I am allowed into the place - shopfitting and license approval should be relatively straightforward. Although I had naively hoped to be open by now, I think it reasonable to expect to be there in time for the festival.
Meanwhile, two rival outfits have beaten me to the punch and although I may be *slightly* bitter that they will be trading weeks/months before us due to circumstances beyond my control -  I'm not above giving them a plug here.
So, whilst you wait on tenterhooks for our ribbon cutting ceremony you should swing by and give them some of your dosh
They are, the Dreadnought owned Wee Leith Shop (very pretty local landmark - not open yet) and the Leith Bottle Shop on Junction St (open yesterday)
Despite the delays and the unexpected competition I am still very excited about all this. It is as daunting and scary as when we started out almost 20 years ago, despite (theoretically) knowing what we're doing this time.
Every time I start harbouring doubts about the wisdom of taking on a second shop, I remember that  it is in what I have long thought of as a dream location: lots of footfall, a proper busy high street, shiny new tramstop and a ridiculous chicane style cycle path right outside. Best of all, it is literally on the doorstep of Newbarns and Donzoko with Campervan, Moonwake and Pilot all a short stroll away. This will make us uniquely located to take advantedge of Leith's brewing renaissance.
It is going to mean a lot more work, but the opportuntity to serve the good people of Leith seems too good to refuse.
(and if it all goes tits up I can pass the lease to Newbarns to use as a taproom)