*Don't worry! - this blog contains very little actual news, it's just a quick update about the shop, the team and how we are going to be cope in the coming weeks*

Firstly, may I express my deepest condolences for those of you who have lost loved ones in the midst of this interminable tragedy. There is a risk when writing about  the hardships inflicted upon the industry by the pandemic, that we forget the very real human cost of the illness: A few hundred words complaining about  changes to business practice may seem in very poor taste to somebody coping with bereavement.

My heart also goes out anybody who has lost their job over the last few months. The drinks industry has been battered by this, with the pub trade taking a particularly harsh kicking. Establishments that have bent over backwards to become as safe as possible (whilst providing employment to many) find themselves at the brunt of ever-increasing restrictions on trade. So those still in work are likely to be, excuse my French, stressed as fuck.


With that out the way, I can go on to tell you how we, in the shop, are preparing for the winter.

No dramatic changes for now, we are keeping the measures in place that we implemented at the start of the summer. But we are going to go about them with more diligence. So we are going to clean more energetically and more regularly (a confession - Mark & Miles have been scrupulous - I might have been letting the side down a wee bit) .

Sanitiser will remain on hand (ha!) for customers. - Writing this has reminded me that I need to secure some more.

We have a nice big open shop, so please consider others and keep your distance.

Only two customers browsing at a time - if we think you're being sensible then we can extend this to two households, so your other half can come in with you.

You're not getting in without a mask. If you are exempt on medical grounds - fine ; but we reserve the right to kick you out if you're being a dick.

We all have the Protect Scotland app. Please download it and keep it with you.

If/when we go into lockdown again we will continue to offer local deliveries (min order 24 tins of beer/6 bottles of wine) you can peruse a small snapshot of our range HERE , HERE and HERE

If you don't see what your after there (and it is just a tiny part of our range) please do get in touch. We remain committed to getting you your drink. You can email us at or DM us @corneliusbeers. You can even talk to us on 0131 6522405 any afternoon in the week.

(Most of these deliveries will be done by me on my bike, so we do have to insist that local means within the bypass)

And we are, of course very happy for you to use the online shop as a "click and collect" service.

We may have to tweak our opening hours/staffing if any of us have to isolate - (we might even shut the shop temporarily) We will of course, let you know if this happens.



I think that about covers it. Hopefully the next one of these will be a bit jollier.

Stay safe out there,






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