August.. ?

August.. ?



July has been good in the shop. Business has been brisk (but not too brisk) and together, our staff and customers have weathered the changes forced upon us by Covid.

To be honest it's gone about as smoothly as we could hope for. But things are about to get a wee bit trickier, because there is a big, fat ugly question mark hanging over the whole month of August.

Frustratingly, the three of us all have the misfortune of being born English and all of us have family commitments down South over the next few weeks.

Fingers crossed the situation in England will improve and I'm making a fuss over nothing- but there is a reasonable chance that one or more of us will have to quarantine when we return.

If this happens, I can't see any way out of closing the shop for a few days (getting in casual staff to cover any absence is probably not the most sensible thing to do in this situation-although I know a bunch of you are more than qualified)

This isn't a likely scenario, but it might happen and I can do very little about it other than give you the heads about possible disruption to our shop hours and deliveries through August.

(I will of course update this blog if anything concrete happens)



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