Anyone Can Wear The Mask..,

Anyone Can Wear The Mask..,

... YOU can wear the mask!

So, the First Minister has made it official and from Friday, you are all going to have to get used to talking to us through a thin bit of cloth.

We will politely ask you to wear a facemask and if you refuse- we will not serve you (and we have the law on our side)

I suspect I am largely talking to the converted here and if you're the sort of person who objects to this sort of thing, then I very much doubt I'm going to change your mind.

So I'm not going to repeat all the arguments about the efficacy of masks and airborne transmission: What I will say is that when health workers are putting their very lives on the line, it is (at best) a bit impolite to refuse to do the bare fucking minimum to help.

It's not like you have to wear them all them time- just for the three or four minutes it takes you to purchase four bottles of Augustiner- as soon as you leave the shop you can whip it off and take a few deep breaths.

Mark, Miles and myself will also be wearing masks whilst working on the shopfloor (I'm not going to force them to drink their cups of tea through them whilst chilling in the back of the shop and I'm not wearing one whilst sitting in the office typing this) 

But when serving you guys we will all be masked (wouldn't want to be accused of hypocrisy now)

I assume there will be a few objectors tomorrow, but otherwise I'm pretty sure we can all get over this small inconvenience together.




PS. Have you seen the angry loons kicking up a fuss over this in the States?- you don't want people to think you're one of them, do you?


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