Give. Imbibe. Retweet.

Give. Imbibe. Retweet.

Writing this on a glorious Sunday afternoon at the end of a week of fine weather and on the day before the beer gardens reopen for business - so things are looking pretty good around the Casa Del Cornelius.

Even better - I’ve just learned that we are being allocated a few bottles of Cantillon.

If you are one of the uninitiated,  Cantillon is very much part of the Belgian beer aristocracy and their Oude Gueuze is the standard against which all others are judged. Their limited releases receive silly amounts of hype and are insanely collectible. (Partly because gueuze is one of the very few beer styles that are truly cellar worthy) We manage to get our mitts on a couple of dozen bottles a year and they very rarely grace the shelf - normally selling out as soon as they enter the shop.

Alongside your “run of the mill” bottles of the worlds most iconic gueuze we have also been allocated six bottles of something rather special: A very generous gift from James Clay (Via the mighty Joe Dick)  We have been asked to use these very rare bottles  to raise funds for a charity of our choice. (which is obviously what we going to do)

The beer in question is the Cantillon Loerik (and no, I’ve not tried it)


This is the second edition of the beer - the first made it to the top of this list HERE (but I’m sure you are media literate enough to take any listicle from an online source with a healthy spoonful of salt)

Whichever way you cut it this is very rare, very special stuff that we could charge top dollar for and to get yours hands on a bottle all you have to do is put your hand in your pocket and stump up a bit of cash for a good cause.

If you fancy your very own bottle of bequest-worthy top end gueuze that is potentially worth hundreds of pounds, simply click this link HERE and make a minimum donation of a tenner to the Leith foodbank.

You don't even need to come into our shop and spend any money - simply drop us a line (tweet/email) with a screenshot of a your donation* and your contact details. It's as simple as that. (Yes, I know how easy it would be to photoshop something - but you would be a contemptable shit to consider such a deed)

We will put all entries into a hat and the first six people drawn on the 1st of July will win a bottle and automatically end up with one of the best beer collections in Scotland.

The only way this is going to work is if enough people donate the money and enter the draw, so if you are reading this and you are in the trade, please RT/QT/Link or whatever to draw your customers attention to this opportunity and lets see if we can drum up a good bit of cash for some of Edinburgh's most vulnerable.






*a screenshot of the email acknowledgement from the charity would probably the easiest/most secure.






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