And then there was one.

So that's me all on my ownsome.
Mark and Miles are both off on furlough, so I have the shop to myself: Which means that until life returns to some sense of normality I have sole responsibility for getting you all slightly pished and rendering your solitude somewhat tolerable.
The good news is that you all seem keen to make use of our free local delivery service.
The bad news is that after 3 days of charging around East Edinburgh on my bike I am broken almost beyond repair. (these last few days have given me a new found respect for your Deliveroo drivers and the like)
So, I'm afraid we're going to have to scale things back a bit: We are going to continue to offer this service, but your booze will be dispatched twice a week: Tuesday and Friday afternoons.
Same rules apply: Minimum drop 24 tins/20 beer bottles/12 wine bottles. The closer you are, the more flexible we can be. Email us your requests and your phone number and we'll see what we could do. Still looking at making this site fully ecommercable, but until then we'll take card payments.
Stocks are okay-ish, we got loads of wine, but beer could be problematic- a lot of breweries are going into lockdown and imports are even trickier. Still, if we don't have your favourite NEIPA from brewery X, then I'll be happy to recommend alternatives from brewery Y or Z.
Until next time,
Stay safe and keep washing your hands.