A Small Request

A Small Request



Good afternoon,

Going to try to keep this relatively brief, because hopefully I will get around to penning a longer post about it over the weekend.

I’ve not put the heaters on yet, but I am wearing two vests, which means it’s time to start thinking about our annual raffle in aid of the local foodbank. We ARE NOT selling tickets yet - it just seems to make sense to get a decent prize haul together first. I’ve added a couple of bottles from my stash (young lambic and old barleywine) But I’m sure we can do better.

If you a brewery/wine importer and we are a regular customer of yours, please would you consider donating a bottle or two? - Ideally on the next van run headed our way. I assume you all have a few fancy things hidden in the office - it doesn’t even have to be booze: people also like a good bit of merch.

Any donations will be gratefully received and fully credited once the raffle is up and running (within the next few days) In the last few years people have donated right up to the date of the draw itself, which is also cool.

Frankly it sucks that we have to keep doing this, but politics and economic circumstances don’t look like they are going to improve anytime soon.






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