2020 Continues To Suck

2020 Continues To Suck


The social and economic and upheaval brought about by Covid19 continues to have horrific consequences beyond the rising death toll.

The latest horror comes to us via Hungary, where the would-be fascist dictator Viktor Orban has used the emergency powers vested onto him to become a fully fledged fascist dictator.

That Orban is a nasty piece of work should come as a surprise to nobody. He has always had an authoritarian streak and has used his powers to erode democracy, demonise migrants, foster islamophobia, anti-semitism and homophobia.

But, after dissolving parliament and granting himself the right to rule by decree as long as he sees fit, he is now a nasty piece of work with absolute power in Hungary.

Of course, there really is bugger all we can do about this and sadly (as long as he shows no ambition outside his borders) the EU seems unwilling to confront him at this time.

So, if our leaders aren't going to do anything (to be fair, they have other things on their plate) It falls to us to enact the weakest and most negligible form of protest- the boycott.

So, for now I'm going to remove all the Hungarian wine from our shelves. (This seems even more pathetic given that the shop is shut for the forseeable future)

The only discernible impact this move would make right now, is it gives me an excuse to write this blog and highlight a situation that might have passed some of you by in the unending chyron of shit news that makes up our current reality.


Now, if you excuse me, I have a few dozen bottles of delicious Furmint to drink.




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