We are a small independent retailer of beer, wine and spirits. Based at the top of Edinburgh’s famous Easter Road, we’ve been selling the best that Scotland has to offer for almost fifteen years now (bloody hell!)


Like any self respecting offie, we have a pretty formidable beer selection, with a stuff from all the best local breweries, trendy stuff from Manchester & London and classics from Belgium and Germany.

Prices start at below two quid, but we have plenty of top shelf bottles for special occasions. Whether you want to assault your taste buds with hard core lambic, nod off into a nightcap of imperial stout or just neck cans of basic lager all night we can sort you out



Our range is by no means the most extensive out there, but it is quirky, individual and reflects our own tastes. In short if we sell it, it’s because we drink it. We may not dazzle you with offers and discounts, but we try to keep our prices sharp and very competitive whether you’re buying a dozen cases or a single bottle. We are not big on lists, partly because our wines change every week (and partly because it’s too much like hard work)

At the time of writing the shop is pretty much stuffed with Iberian wine, Central European wine and a pretty decent selection from the South of France. (but that might change next week)


In a big whisky town, we are never going to have the most impressive range. We do however, stock a couple of dozen really good malts and our prices are pretty damn sharp. We also have a few decent rums and brandies and loads of gin (including the local stuff)