download (23)We’ve given you the first couple of months off, which should be plenty enough time to let your livers (and wallets) recuperate, but it is now about time to kick off our 2018 Sunday wine dinners.

Due entirely to public demand I have put my scepticism to one side and the shop now has a small selection of so called “natural wines”.

These are wines produced through minimal intervention: No added Sulphur, only using wild yeast and no pesticides or herbicides. Basically, getting as close to the platonic ideal of just shoving the grapes in a bottle and seeing what comes out. This is all well and good, but unlike organic or biodynamic production, it is entirely unregulated and frankly a lot of “natural wine” is overpriced shite.

We do have a few goodies though and we would be delighted to share these slightly rough and ready, funkily aromatic beauties with you.

We’ve also got big Joe Dick coming along with some funky, yeasty, sour Belgian beers fresh from the fermenter, (he’s actually in Brussels as I’m writing this, sourcing some fancy new bits & pieces)

Tickets will set you back £35

Which gets you:

Plenty of wine, beer (and maybe cider)

The usual very high quality chat

The usual very high quality food – (it’s the bloody Walnut, of course it’s going to be good)

(PS Eventbrite has changed, meaning we can now only charge for one sort of ticket. If you are a veggie or have other eating requirements let us know by email)