Viva Espana


I hold a gentleman called Chris Bain largely responsible for the very worst hangover I’ve suffered in my adult life. He was taking me on a quick jaunt around Rioja and after a full day of winery visits we ended up in a rough little rum bar. Debauchery (and pain) ensued.

So I was somewhat hesitant when he asked if he could host a Spanish wine dinner. He won me over when he poured me a few glasses of the new wine he was wanting to introduce us to.

Finca Bacara is a very new operation in Jumilla and they specialise in deep, earthily aggressive reds made from monastrell. These are really good, complex wines, that are for more exciting than most of the stuff from the North of Spain. (I love me a bit of Tempranillo- but even really good Rioja can get a bit.., samey)

So we’re heading back to The Walnut on Sunday 2nd July, for the usual 2 courses and 7 wines.
Chris has great chat, Ben is an awesome chef, it’s going to be bloody good evening.

Tickets cost £35 and are available here.