Can you help?

We need an Assistant Manager, preferably somebody with a fair bit of experience in a similar position.

We will pay you £16,000 per annum for a 35 hour week

Actual shifts are negotiable but you will be expected to work weekends and Christmas (sorry!)

Must be an enthusiastic drinker with a fair bit of wine/spirit knowledge                          (ideally WSET qualified-if you are the holder of a personal license that’s a bonus)

Must have loads of ideas and energy

Must be better at IT than me (we use Vend/Wordpress)

The day to day job will encompass all aspects of shop management and although there is no career ladder as such, previous employees have used their time here to open their own (sort of) rival businesses.

We hope to have the position filled by May.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, email us at