Utter Cant


I don’t know about you, but we’ve had just about enough of it.

This years general election has seen a dramatic recalibration of the nations moral compass and a handful of elderly bigots in English coastal towns have had their narrow minded views pandered to beyond belief.

The quality of political rhetoric has reached such a nadir that even so-called progressive parties feel the need to talk about immigration as something to be “tackled” or “controlled”. Beyond this we have a small battalion of pre-metric throwbacks, homophobes, misogynists and spivs desperate to wrest control of the country away from the elites and back into the hands of rich, old, white men.


Our unrepentant and unreformed tabloid press has amplified these fears and insecurities to such a point that rational voices struggle to be heard over the screaming of trolls.

We may not be able to do much to quell the bigotry, but we can tell everyone what we think about it and what better medium is there than alcohol?

As it happens, we have just come into possession of a few unlabelled cases of one of Scotlands best Saisons. It didn’t take long for us to agree that the best thing to do would be to knock up a election themed label, punt them out at the beginning of May and give the proceeds to charity.

But what to call the beer? One look at the bottle and you’ll probably get a good idea what my first choice was, but fortunately, taste, sanity (and punmanship) prevailed.

The beer will set you back £2.50 for a 330ml bottle and it is a clean, dry, extravagently hopped but well balanced saison, of sessionable strength (4.5% abv). Perfect for a late Thursday night with the swingometer

For every bottle we will donate £1 to the Scottish Refugee Council (http://www.scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk/) who provide aid and support for people who are forced to flee here by circumstance. There is only a very limited amount of it available, so it’s not a massive commitment from us: In fact we could be accused of indulging in gesture politics.

But if this is a gesture, then at least it’s a nice one.