Tin Tin Dinner


Still on a high from the previous nights wine dinner at the Walnut, Joe of James Clay tweeted at us suggesting we do a beer dinner with him. As we were in good spirits and clearly not in our right minds we agreed*. Joe suggested a Belgian extravaganza and after checking that the Walnut would have copious quantities of Moules we agreed.

We’ve put together a beer list of our favourite superstar Belgian classics that we know will go with the food at the Walnut. Joe has kindly thrown in a free Belgian themed gift for every customer and will regale us with his expert beer knowledge and anecdotes from his many trips to Belgium.
The “Tin Tin Dinner” will take place on the 20th of August at 8pm at the Walnut. For the price of £30 you will be treated to 6 Beers, a 3 course dinner and some great beer chat. Tickets can be booked through eventbrite , just let us know if you’re veggie!

See you there!

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*We were very happy about this, always keen to drink beer and hear Joe’s chat.