This will put Jerez on your chest.


This could mess up your Monday morning if you’re not careful so make sure to line your stomach well and drink plenty of fluids beforehand.

Come join us  down the road at Little Fitzroy on Sunday December 1st where we will showcase a bunch of boozy fortified wines, just as the nights turn proper wintry and thoughts turn to Christmas telly.

At our Mosel tasting a couple of days ago, talk somehow turned to sherry and a bunch of you seemed wildly enthusiastic at the idea of a brief primer on the world best value (and most versatile) wine.

Now Mark knows a thing or two about Sherry, so he’ll select a few of his favourite bottles alongside some of my favourite Ports (and maybe a curveball)

Things kick off at 7.30pm and tickets cost £19. These are only available over the counter at the shop ( we can only fit a dozen of you in, so there’s no point doing internet sales)