This is slightly embarrassing.


2016-10-24-14-41-36We are all fallible: Sometimes we bugger things up royally and the mistake is immediately apparent and quickly rectified. Other times we make a small mistake and the damage is less obvious, it just festers away unnoticed, nibbling away at the margins, but never being severe enough to necessitate any action.

Well it’s a quiet Monday and I’m feeling it’s about time I lanced a boil that has been bubbling away for three years now.

We like to think of ourselves as very competitively priced, so it pains me to think that we may have been fleecing punters (even accidentally)

A couple of years ago we got our mitts on some very fine imperial stouts from Hawkshead and Buxton. Unfortunately, there seemed to be some kind of mix up regarding case sizes which resulted us being charged for packs of 24 instead of 12. I honestly have no idea where the fault lies, whether with us, the distributor or at the brewery, but I strongly suspect that these beers have been priced up on our shelves at double the RRP.

Which is the only possible reason why we still have them in stock, because they are awesome stouts that would fly out the door under normal circumstances. But they are getting a bit long in the tooth now, so I think I have to take the hit and slash the price on them to clear some shelf space for Christmas.

We have:

Hawkshead No.1 Jack Daniels Cask  Was £7.40 Now £3.50 (September dated)

Hawkshead No 2 Jim Beam Cask  Was £7.40 Now £3.50 (September dated)

Hawkshead Brodie’s Prime Export Was £7 Now £3.50

Buxton Tsar Bomba Was £14.80 Now £7.50

I hesitate to call these discounts, (because for all I now these are now closer to there intended price tag) so let’s call them price adjustments.