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Mikkeller Polly 1 & Stella 6 in Magnum

Stella and Polly are sisters. They’re both sour/wild ales. Polly (8.3% vol.) is brewed with white grapes and aged in white wine barrels, Stella (8.8% vol.), red grapes, red wine barrels. Supply is limited to 600 Polly-1 and just 564 Stella-6 worldwide. Luckily, they’re HUGE 1500ml bottles. We’ve got a small allocation which could be yours for just £60 for […]

Gunsmoke – Mikkeller Texas Ranger

I have to confess to emitting an audible groan when I opened the e-mail from Bite HQ. Mexico is a pretty uninspiring place for beer and I’ve already penned a 300 word invective in these pages about the pisswater that is Mexican lager. So I hope the editor will forgive me for looking further afield […]