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Leith’s What You Make It

 After over a decade of sating the thirst of Easter Road, we thought that it was high time that we at Cornelius got ourselves a house beer. We’ve fannied around with various exclusive beers before, but they were always limited, small-batch releases: this time, we wanted to go large and launch something that will (hopefully) […]

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Gunsmoke – Mikkeller Texas Ranger

I have to confess to emitting an audible groan when I opened the e-mail from Bite HQ. Mexico is a pretty uninspiring place for beer and I’ve already penned a 300 word invective in these pages about the pisswater that is Mexican lager. So I hope the editor will forgive me for looking further afield […]

Utter Cant

I don’t know about you, but we’ve had just about enough of it. This years general election has seen a dramatic recalibration of the nations moral compass and a handful of elderly bigots in English coastal towns have had their narrow minded views pandered to beyond belief. The quality of political rhetoric has reached such […]

Ich Bin Ein Berlinerweisse

It’s funny how taste and perceptions change. A couple of decades ago when I started in this business Berlinerweisse was an extremely niche product. Even those punters who had encountered it on their travels through Europe would dismiss it as the ugly stepchild of the noble Bavarian Weisse. Cheap, milky & sour it was the […]

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Czech It Out

In these early weeks of 2015 and we’re all feeling just a wee bit bloated. Chances are you’ve had your fill of overindulgence and looking to take things down a notch, maybe you’re even daft enough to have made some sort of New Years resolution. So there is very little point in me wasting a […]

As Good As It Gets

As you’ve probably noticed, the brewing industry continues to expand at an unprecedented rate. This growth has led to shortages of raw materials as demand for certain hop-varieties goes through the roof. Droughts in California have led to fears that the spiritual home of US brewing may run out of water, But there is one […]

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