Shore Thing


There was no parade, or announcement in the local press, so it may very well have passed some of you by, but LEITH HAS GOT ITSELF A NEW BREWERY!

When Paul Gibson of Campervan Brewing found he could no longer meet demand operating out of the back of his garage in Comely Bank, he invested a wodge of money in new facilities in a Bonnington industrial estate. His new premises is just round the corner from the renowned Pilot brewery, making this little corner of Leith something of a brewing hub.

As well as a shiny new brewery, Paul now as himself a fancy little taproom where you can go and sample his wares for yourself. He has relaunched with half a dozen new beers, but if you do find yourself down there, make sure to grab yourself a glass of Leith Juice, his new flagship brew.

It looks like beer: I know that sounds crass, but it’s a slightly hazy straw gold colour with a moderate head and minimal lacing, a google image search for “beer” would result in countless identical drinks. It’s on the nose where it really lives up to its billing as an “Orange Session IPA”

Intensely bitter, with a rather “Christmassy” aroma of ginger, pine and lots & lots of orange pith. The palate continues in this vein with the flavours nicely balanced between oily, hop bitterness and more lifted, sweeter citrus fruit notes. It has a lot more weight than most beer at this sort of strength and style and a pretty decent length too.

In fact, despite it’s sensible (4.7% abv) strength, it might have a little bit too much character for a session beer. I’ve had two this afternoon and I look forward to having a third once I get home, but I can’t see myself downing pints of it in the pub. On the other hand, it would be a brilliant match for all sorts of food. I was lucky enough to pair it with a chicken kebab the other day and the beer elevated what was a take away of dubious quality into something resembling fine dining