Rieslings to Be Cheerful.

(Yes, it’s a fairly obvious pun, but sod it- it’s late on Saturday and we’re well behind schedule with this)

Come join us  down the road at Little Fitzroy on Sunday November 3rd, where we will showcase half a dozen of the very best rieslings in the world (all German, natch)

Mark spent a week in the Mosel valley a month ago helping to open a winery and he’s going to tell us all about the region and just why it has such an affinity for aromatic, high acidity white wine. He also blagged visits to most of our German suppliers: So, to be frank, he knows these wines far better than me.

As an added bonus, we might end the evening with a glass of decent German beer.

Things kick off at 7.30pm and tickets cost £19. These are only available over the counter at the shop ( we can only fit a dozen of you in, so there’s no point doing internet sales)