Reduced For Quick Sale

2016-05-23 14.24.43

Running a shop is an inexact science and loath as I am to admit it, sometimes I balls up.
Some drinks don’t find the audience they deserve, others catch us by surprise and sell out before we can secure the stock.
You would think that a range of top shelf, highly regarded, experimental Brewdog beers would fall firmly into the latter camp: but sadly (with the odd exception) the Abstrakt range has stubbornly failed to set the world alight. Yet, like some gullible mark, I have been buying into it, only to have them sit and gather dust over the years.

So Miles and myself have decided it’s time for a clear out. For a limited time the entire Abstrakt range will be reduced to well below cost price. Originally priced at 12-13 quid a bottle, until Monday 13th June we will be selling them for a fiver each.


Maybe you’ve tried some of these before and want to revisit them, maybe you’ve always shied away from high wattage beer, or maybe twelve quid seemed like a lot of money to shell out on something that might be bogging. If that is the case here is a great opportunity to try some of the most interesting beer that Scotland has produced.

I would be the first to confess that many of these have seen better days. At their best they are tasting a bit long in the tooth, at their worst they are well and truly over the hill. We did have a wee session on some of the older editions and found none of them totally undrinkable * But we are still selling these with a great big Caveat Empor.

Currently Available (I’ll try to keep updating this)

06: Triple Hopped Imperial BIPA 11.2% abv

07: Whisky Cask Imperial Scotch Ale 12.5% abv

08: Blonde Imperial Stout 11.8% abv

10: Malaga Cask Brown Ale 11.5% abv

11: Black Barley Wine With Chipotle, Raspberries & Ginger 12.8% abv

12: Barrel Aged Belgian BIPA With Berries  11.2% abv

13: Sherry Cask Imperial Cherry Stout 11.3% abv

14: Oak Aged Weizenbock 10.2% abv

16: Coffee Infused Belgian Quad 10.6% abv

17: Three Coffee Rye Imperial Porter 10.9% abv

(No 04 or 09 I’m afraid:-had absolutely no trouble shifting those)

You have three weeks to fill your boots, then the remaining stock will go back up in price.

I’m not ruling out getting in future editions, but I won’t try to pre-empt demands and I’ll certainly be a bit more conservative in my ordering.

James Out


*Except maybe 08-but that was always divisive and might actually have improved over the years-still not pleasant.