PLEASE MAY WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION (and your tinned tomatoes)

It’s turned right nippy out and the nights are drawing right in. We’re all a little bit skint and wondering whether we should get the kids that video game they’ve been droning on about.

Frankly, winter 2018 sucks and 2019 looks like it’ll be worse.

Well, its time to start counting your blessings. For one, if you’re reading this, it probably means you have some money to spend on booze.

If you were planning on visiting us over the next couple of weeks, maybe you should consider trading down from the Burgundy or Claret and picking up one of those Portuguese or Romanian wines I’m always banging on about. Then spend the money saved on a donation to the Foodbank.

We will be taking your donations for the next month (fortunately we are right next door to a discount supermarket) so feel free to hand us your tinned goods when you next pop in for your Gamma Ray fix.

The Trussel Trust website keeps you updated of what is needed locally, but we also have this nifty little advent calendar to us as a guide as to what to donate.

If you needed any further incentive, why not join us on the evening of Friday 7th December. We will be joined by the ever wonderful Niall, who will be running through a selection of his favourite stouts. There will also be pastries        (but no pastry stouts)

Any donations received on the night will be rewarded with a little special something from under the counter      (don’t know what yet, but it’ll be tasty)