Over To You

Heather is a force of nature: works like a demon, knows her shizzle and always coming up with new ideas for nonsense to do in the shop. Her latest wacky scheme is to harness the collective talents of you lot for our Friday evening tastings.
We know plenty about beer, but most importantly we know enough to know that we know less than many of our punters (hardly the most elegant turn of a phrase- but you know what I mean) So, through the month of March we’ve invited some of our geekiest customers (yes, including him) to come along and share some of their favourite beers with you.
So, instead of a MTB, it’ll be more of an “open mic” tasting.


First up is Librarian, Superhero and international man of mystery; Colm Linnane.

I’m sure many of know Colm as the tall Irish bloke with a schooner of Kernel welded to his hand. If you’ve yet to have the pleasure, then you should make a beeline to the shop this Friday evening between five and seven so he can regale you with tales of his adventures in saison.