Vineyards in Valpolicella, province of Verona

Vineyards in Valpolicella, province of Verona

Bloody hell, where do you start with Italy?

A wine producing nation like no other on earth, home to 350 indiginous varietals and 73 wildly differing DOC’s each with their own proud history and tradition.

With all this diversity, Italy really does have something to offer every drinker: Be it the dark, saline, inky depths of mature Barolo, the showboating, gilded accessibility of a new wave Super-Tuscan or the simple, unalloyed pleasure of a young, vibrant, juicy Barbera.

Italian whites currently offer quite absurd value, even at the entry level. This sort of bulk commercial vino often brings back grim memories of house wine at the local taverna, but check out our budget Trebbiano for great example of a simple, clean, delicate white that impresses with it’s life & freshness.