Alsace, Germany


Moselle River and the town of Cochem

These neighbours are unceremoniously shunted together because their shared affinity for the grace and vibrancy of the Riesling grape. At it’s best Riesling combines purity of fruit with bracing acidity, in French Alsace these can develop oily, complex characters with age. As a sweeping generalisation I find the German equivalent to be slightly more delicate and much, MUCH drier than it’s usually portrayed.
It’s just a shame that they are labelled and bottled in a way that many people find off-putting.

A great place to start is the Peth-Wetz unfiltered riesling from the Rheinhessen. A weighty, complex, slightly hazy wine with just a teeny-tiny hint of sweetness. Perfect for any milder curries involving coconut or lime (Thai & Malay food basically) it’s among the safest purchases in the shop and probably our best selling riesling.