Despite their own complacency, occasional arrogance and impressive challenges from all-comers, France is still far and away the finest wine producing nation in the world.

Its famous regions – Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire, Rhône, Alsace and increasingly Languedoc Roussillon – read like a desert island disc of fine wines, a who’s who of everything you could ever want from a wine.

Full-bodied, light-bodied, still or fizzy, dry or sweet, simple or intellectual, weird and wonderful, for drinking now or for laying down, France’s infinitesimal variety of wines is one of its great attributes.

France’s grape varieties are grown, and its wines copied, throughout the world.

The future is bright for France; quality is better than ever before – driven by a young, well-traveled, ambitious generation of winemakers – while each year reveals new and exciting wines from this grand old dame.