Greece and The Balkans

Bush_training_of_unstaked_Greek_grape_vinesThe wines of Greece and the Balkan Peninsula are never going to form the backbone of any winelist, but viticulture in the region goes back millennia and features many obscure grapes and winemaking techniques. I still say that an Assyritiko from Santorini can hold it’s own against any Chablis (sadly prices have begun to reflect this)

Slovenia is finally gaining recognition for it’s (frankly superb) wine. If you feel like dipping a toe in the Adriatic, I heartily recommend the Guerila Retro, a biodynamic blend of native varietals that has a toasted, mineral backbone and would be delicious alongside grilled sardines.

Our Romanian selection *might* have got slightly out of hand last year, but we couldn’t resist stocking up on the wines from Nachbil: Interesting, tasty and (unlike most minimal intervention “feral” wine) – damn good value for money.