Our first beer

damn dirty ape

So today sees the launch of our first beer- Damn Dirty Ape, an 11.2% barley wine. It’s been brewed by one of our favourite brewers Stuart McLuckie of Luckie Ales.

Earlier in the year we were discussing how we were going to mark the 10th Anniversary of the shop. An anniversary beer to celebrate with seemed an obvious choice. Asking Stuart McLuckie was my first thought. James and I especially love his Resurrection range of beers – recipes revived from antiquity – and a weighty warming monster matured in time for the November celebrations seemed apt.

We kept the project under wraps from James initially. Waiting until we’d had most details in place before we unleashed the beast. BOOM. James came up with the name and a mythological beer was born. There are less than 100 bottles in existence.

So what’s it like? Rich, strong, complex malts. A vinous quality to it (we’re wine monkeys too remember!) with lots of dried fruit on the palate. A slightly drier style than most big barley wines. James & I tried a test bottle in September and just grinned. Its a perfect beer to share with friends.