Our Beer

It seems a bit of a fools errand to try to surmise our beer selection in a couple of hundred words, but I feel I should say something since the websites metrics suggest that this is the first page that most of you click upon. We’ve been here since before the “craft beer revolution” began (whatever the flip that is) and we (hopefully) be here when we all go back to drinking cooking lager.

We sell beer; lots of beer. We have all the good local stuff, lots of the trendy tins from Manchester, Leeds & London and the classics from Belgium and Germany. The range changes on an almost daily basis (we get 2 or 3 deliveries a week) because the world of beer is changing at a frankly insane rate. So keeping on top of it all, let alone posting an up to date list online is a frankly Sisyphean task.

Right now, there is plenty of really good German lagers, the good stuff from Pilot and Campervan plenty of lambic and mixed fermentation goodies. We also have a pretty decent selection of ciders if that’s more your cup of tea.

As well as selling the best beer from Leith, we also have some great beer from Edinburgh’s best breweries Stewart’s, Top Out and  Black Metal (and not too far away Crossborders and Tempest)

The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything is to follow us on Twitter where we post daily updates of new releases and old favourites.

If you have any questions about our stock give us a call on 0131 6522405