Oops! We did it again.


A week may be along time in politics, but brewing moves at a much more sedate pace. So when trying to knock out a beer with a satirical bent, the trick is to not be left looking embarrassingly behind the times.
Still, with all the nonsense happening at the moment, it seems daft not to have a product out to capitalise on the anger, fear and confusion about our new political reality. Which is why we* took the plunge and brewed up the FCUKed IPA.

With so much acrimony and division in the country right now, we plumped for a beer that we hope has a universal appeal: A bog standard (but bloody delicious) IPA, with resinous pine and grapefruit flavours and a light aroma of citrus zest.

We’ve priced it at a very generous £1.80 for 330mls and it is a very limited edition.

Which is just as well, since by the time you are reading this, the sainted Theresa might be leading a joyful nation into a sunlit land of milk & honey. Either that, or we might be engaged with a life or death struggle with the mutated survivors of an irradiated wasteland previously known as Airstrip One.

Or just maybe, we’ll limp on shambolically  as an unelected  Tory prime minister drags Scotland into an economic catastrophe it voted overwhelmingly against

Christ knows what’s going to happen; I certainly don’t.




*By we, I mean the talented guys at Livingston’s Alechemy Brewing