Mistletoe and Wine

download (7)I’m writing this at the beginning of October, so forgive me if it’s a wee bit premature, but we really need to start thinking about Christmas. Primarily because in December we’re all going to be too busy to sort out any of this nonsense, but also because we’ve had an idea that might need a bit of planning.

Normally we end the year with a tasting of our favourite wine and a slap-up meal, but this year we’ll go to town and do it TWICE!

Join us on the last Sunday of November for a fancy meal at The Walnut It’s the usual deal: £35 for loads of booze and loads of (very good) food. The three of us have selected three drinks each for the occasion, with the vague theme of old school classics – think Bordeaux, Rioja and the like. Tickets are available HERE (SOLD OUT)

And the very next week we’ll do it all over again, this time showcasing a bunch of quirkier wines that have come to our attention over the past year. Tickets for our meal on the first Sunday of December are available HERE (handful of tickets left)

I hope it isn’t too early to suggest talk about this, but our tastings always sell out quickly and these are going to be lots of fun. So I hope you can make it to one (or both!) of them.