Milk Money Tasting This Friday

2016-11-01-16-21-23Tried to think of a witty header for this, but I’m a wee bit rushed right now.
Anyway, as I was saying, this Friday from 6pm, James the head honcho from Milk Money drinks will be here, pouring samples and chitting chat.
If you don’t know Milk Money, they are the local mixoligists behind the cocktails in the dinky little milk bottles that have been popping up in the finer establishments around town in the last year.

They are pretty awesome drinks (we are particularly enamoured with the “Bloodless Mary”) and this is a great opportunity to try a bunch of them and find out what they have lined up for the festive period.

So pop along this Friday and act all sophisticated with a glass of something fancy while you queue up for your two bottles of Augustiner and a packet of crisps.