Let’s Be Natural

I know it might not look like it, but Mark and myself have been very busy this week. What prompted this sudden burst of activity is the opening of our new neighbourhood grocery, Easter Greens.

Although not vegan myself (like many of us, I’ve flirted with vegetarianism- but I’m never going to give up cheese) I genuinely believe that veganism is to be encouraged and that more vegans, being better catered for is not only better for society, it is a necessity if we are to alleviate the worst aspects of climate change.

Sadly, the wine industry is a long way behind in all this and animal products (mostly fish derivatives and egg white) are still widely used for fining and filtration. What’s even more annoying is the wineries that don’t filter their wine, or use animal friendly fining agents can very rarely be bothered to advertise the fact (and those that do, will hardly ever get certified- meaning you have to take them at their word)

This is frustrating, because although I am confident that many of our wines are vegan. when a customer asks for one, we rarely have anything to back the claim up and have to resort to Googling stuff in front of them (not the best look)

So we took the bull by the horns and thoroughly checked the credentials of every bottle (currently) on our shelves. At time of writing the tally is 245, which is just over 40% of our stock: Not too bad, especially since this doesn’t include the many wines we suspect of being vegan friendly, but were unable to verify.

We also invested in a green pen and a sheet of sticky labels, meaning you can quickly spot the vegan wines for yourself.