Leith’s What You Make It

 After over a decade of sating the thirst of Easter Road, we thought that it was high time that we at Cornelius got ourselves a house beer. We’ve fannied around with various exclusive beers before, but they were always limited, small-batch releases: this time, we wanted to go large and launch something that will (hopefully) remain a permanent fixture of our range for a good few years.

Being grasping, capitalist scumbags we decided to keep our wackier impulses in check and go with as commercial a style as possible. To that end we settled on a simple, down-the-line pale ale, bolstered with a small mountain of Kiwi hops.

Before you raise a quizzical eyebrow, I’ll quickly point out that we were never going to brew this stuff ourselves: that would be daft when there are so many Scottish brewers who are willing to help out with this sort of thing. We were lucky enough to get the very talented Gavin Meiklejohn on board, who knocked this out of the park for us.

The beer is an aromatic pale ale, with a vibrant grapefruit, gooseberry & quince palate. Clean, with a lively effervescence and a very crisp, dry finish. We’re pretty sure you’re going to like it.


We wanted it to be a beer for the people of the Port of Leith: a place bursting with history, teeming with life and full of that rarest of 20th Century commodities, civic pride. It’s the place where we live, the place where we work and the place where we drink. (we did debate whether Easter road could really claim to be part of Leith, but finally we thought sod it- after all Leith is a state of mind)


So Gavin brewed us a great beer, Dom designed a hell of a label for us and I wrote this blog.

Because I have a plan for world domination and I want you all to buy one, we’ve set the price at a very reasonable two quid for a 330ml bottle.

It should be available from the shop from Thursday afternoon and hopefully it will be joined by a sister beer before the Summer kicks in (more about that nearer the time)


So choose a bottle. Choose a glass. Choose a seat. Choose Leith