It was recently pointed out to me that my wife and I opened the doors of Cornelius at the start of November 2004. Now this seems as good an excuse as any to treat ourselves to a big end of year blow-out.

We normally have some sort of Christmas tasting/dinner this time of year, so we have decided to simply ramp things up a bit and blow most of the years tasting budget. There will be no theme to the drink, beyond “These are really good top-shelf wines that you should try”

If you’ve been to one of our Christmas do’s before then you have a good idea what to expect, but it it’s important to note two important differences.

New Location.

We will be partying at BODEGA on Leith Walk. Our local taqueria which has recently moved into shiny new premises (the old Tail End) The food is great and the new venue has quite a bit more space, so we can cram a lot more of you in.

New Time.

Things will kick off at the very civilised time of 4 pm on Sunday 8th Dec. Which means we can get to bed at a sensible time (or squeeze in a pint or two at the pub afterwards)

Tickets cost £35 quid and for that, you get three courses of Mex inspired grub and plenty of top quality booze. You can get them over the counter at the shop or by clicking HERE