Italy at The Walnut.


I know 2017 seems an age away, but I felt we should get this sorted before your in-tray got rammed with all the festive hoo-ha (and this might make a nice pressie for someone)

First things first: The Walnut wants us to come back for another one of our tasting/meals/piss-ups.   (we must have been unusually well behaved last time).

This is very exciting news, because in the year since it opened, it has quickly become one of those restaurants that is permanently booked out the wazoo. So when offered the chance to return, I jumped on board with the enthusiasm of a caffeinated puppy.

If you’re lucky enough to have been to the Walnut before, you know how good the food is: Managing to straddle the line between big, hearty comfort food and fine dining.

Our guest for the evening will be Mike Stewart: drinker, bon-vivant and giant of Edinburgh’s wine scene. He will be taking us on a tour through the wines of Puglia, probably the most varied and exciting region of Italy.

Tickets cost £35 and are available here.

For that you get: two courses + cheese at one of Edinburgh’s most raved about eaterys.

Seven glasses of top-notch Italian wine.


A Hangover.