House Beers

damn dirty apeNot content with just selling other peoples beer, we have on occasion made our own* beers too.

*with more than a little help from our friends

For our tenth birthday bash in 2014 we commissioned the first Cornelius brew, a 11.2% barley wine, expertly brewed by Stuart McLuckie of Luckie Ales. Damn Dirty Ape was an absolute beast. Fairly dry for the style but packed full of the rich malt fruit flavours Stuart is famed for. We made just one hundred bottles. Each bottle was wrapped in pages from MAD magazine. There are still a few bottles out there, and it pops up every now and then on Ratebeer

IMG_3784Utter Cant was the beer we brought out during the run-up to the 2015 General Election. Named in honour of the bigoted and sanctimonious tripe being thrown around the Nation’s favourite media outlets. It was an instant hit, selling out in days and we donated £1 from each sale of the £2.50 bottle to the Scottish Refugee Council.

IMG_3815.JPGChoose Leith (pale ale) and Porter Leith (hoppy stout) arrived in summer 2015. We wanted to have our own ‘house’ beers that would appeal to a broad range of drinkers. The crisp, clean flavours of Choose Leith appeal to drinkers looking for a tasty, refreshing session beer at a good price. The Porter Leith is our classic homage to the dry stout. Full, rich, well-hopped and extremely drinkable. Both beers are brewed by our friends over at Tempest and have been well received. They’re both now permanent residents in our chillers.

Keep an eye out for new brews hitting the shelves in 2016.