NEWHOPEJust before Christmas, we were gifted couple of cases of surplus beer from Paul at Campervan brewing. Not enough to make a song and dance about, but it felt wrong just to punt it out and make 100% profit on something we had zero input into. So I shoved it to one side, thinking that we would do something with it around the time that the Jaundiced Mussolini ascends to his golden throne. Probably something cynical, nasty and NSFW.

But at the end of December something changed, and I just couldn’t bring myself to churn out another wisecrack about the perilous times we find ourselves in. There is nothing remotely amusing about a rapist (and possible child rapist) being elected to the most powerful position on earth.

I think it’s more important to recognise that whilst the legions of darkness have had a very successful twelve months, they are hopelessly outnumbered by the forces of reason, enlightenment and what used to be called (small c) christian charity. In time, the good guys will win and the Nazi’s, MRA’s, Little Englanders and Islamophobes will retreat back under their respective rocks.

Until then, if you are needing a drink to ease the pain of seeing the chode-fingered tangorilla ejaculate his bile across your twitter feed, then you could do worse than settle back with a bottle of this cracking little, Kiwi-hopped session pale.

It comes in at £2.60/33cl bottle and we will donate £2.50 for each bottle sold to Scottish Women’s Aid.

We only have 68 bottles, so it doesn’t add up to a whole lot of cash, but as I mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, we have strength of numbers on our side and if all of us commit to doing little things like this through 2017 we can alleviate some of the misery ahead.

(and if Disney have problems with the label they can suck my big hairy balls)